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My Story

As an analytical mind from a law enforcement family, I searched for a way to satisfy these two seemingly divergent interests. My struggle was before the booming popularity of forensic science in pop culture so when I realized that my real desire was to apply science to help solve crimes, it was an epiphany.  


I realized that while I thoroughly enjoyed working in a laboratory, my real interest was the crime scene where I could help make sense of the chaos. With that goal in mind, I became a Connecticut State Trooper when I graduated with a BS in forensic science, which was an unusual career choice. I spent the majority of the next ten years investigating crime scenes and honing the skills needed to document and analyze crime scenes. I realized how important it was to be objective and see what information the crime scene really provided instead of what we wanted it to provide.  


I've been teaching forensics for a long time becuase I am truly passionate about my field and I enjoy sharing that knowledge with others. Since 2011, I have been part of the University of New Haven faculty. I am a senior lecturer and the undergraduate coordinator for the largest forensic science program in the United States.


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