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Case Services

I review case documents to help you understand if the conclusions are correct or the only reasonable explanation.  This can involve the independent examination of evidence or reconstuction of the scene.  When necessary, I can interpret bloodstain patterns or make sense of a shooting scene as part of the case review.  My review specifically looks at the integration of the physical evidence and crime scene and how that information was interpreted in the context of the case.  I am equally comforatble reading lab reports as I am investigative reports so I am able to follow the case from inception to conclusion.  

Expert Testimony

I believe that is a great deal of overlap between being an forensic expert and an educator.  In my role as an expert, I need to educate the jury and help them grasp sometimes complicated scientific concepts. This has to be done in a engaging way that draws upon examples everyone can understand, otherwise the power of the evidence can be misunderstood.  

Practice and Training Areas
  • Case review

  • Interpretation of forensic reports

  • Crime scene reconstruction

  • ​Bloodstain pattern analysis

  • Shooting scene reconstruction

  • Crime scene investigation and documentation

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